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  • Pet Cooling Mat

    ■ Made from non-toxic gel and sponge, the surface material is adopted polyester composite fabric, very smooth and comfortable.

    ■ No need to freeze or chill, perfect for you pets rest and give your pets for dogs cats a relief from the heat.

    ■ Perfect for traveling, indoor or outdoor use, since it's easy to fold and water resistant, scratch-proof, easy to clean, lightweight and portable storage.

    ■ Multi-functional pet cool mat can be used on puppy & kitty dog beds, couch cushions, floors, carpets, concrete surfaces, car seats. It works as not only a pet cooling mat but also can be used with kinds of pet nests, computer cooling pad.

    • Specifications

    Cooling Mat For Dogs Self Cooling Gel Mat Pet Gel Cooling Pad for Dogs

    Give your hot pet a cool retreat with the Pets Self Cooling Solid Gel Crate Mat. Made with a durable, premium material and filled with a solid cooling gel, this self-charging mat provides a long-lasting solution to help keep pets happy and healthy in warm temperatures. Working to absorb and regulate your paw-tner’s body temperature for up to three straight hours of cooling relief, this mat requires no water, batteries, refrigeration, or electricity—so it’s perfect for beds, crates and the backseat of the car. You’ll never want to leave home without it and thanks to the lightweight and foldable design, you never have to. If you thought the liquid gel version of this mat kept your pet cool, wait until she tries the solid gel!

    Warm days call for the cooling comfort of the Pet Products Cooling Pet Pad Dog Mat. The water-filled pad is practically magic, working to wick the heat right out of your dog’s body and then dissipating it into thin air. And what makes it even “cooler” is that you only have to fill it one time! Unlike other pads, it will never dry out, so your pet can always count on it being the squishiest, coolest spot in the house. The outer material is mold and mildew resistant, with durable seams that hold up to active dogs. Use it alone, on the go or on top of their existing pet bed!

    1.How long do they usually stay cooling?
    In general,4-6 hours. It also depend on the air temperature change. 2.Any preparatory steps needed before coolingwill begin? Is these items cooled by refrigeration in a freezer? No need. Just leave the cooling mat/pad in cooling and Shadowplace before use! If want to speed up the heat release process,or extra cooling is needed,the cooling mat/pad can be placed into freezer 15 minutes before use!

    3.How long does the product can be used?
    The cooling Mat/pad can be used for 3 years.

    4.How to clean?
    Surface of cooling mat/pad is waterproof, dry with the towel after contact water.

    General packing of cooling mat/pad is poly bag and carton box

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