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    ■ Carbon-activated pads are made with five layers of strength for leak-proof protection.
    ■ Instantly absorbs urine and turns it into gel for a mess-free cleanup.
    ■ Contains and control odors and yellow spots for a clean and easy result.
    ■ Developed with pheromonal attractant so your dog knows where to go.
    ■ Perfect for training puppies or new dogs, helping out senior dogs, or even lining your crate or carrier.

    • Specifications

    Enjoy ultimate convenience and enhanced peace of mind with the Training Pads. Designed especially for dogs, the disposable pads work well for puppy training, assisting senior dogs, or for offering a clean alternative when outdoor access isn’t an option, like when traveling through airports. Indoors, outdoors, or in the car, use the pads anywhere you want to avoid unpredictable accidents or everyday messes. The training pads effectively and reliably absorb urine and offer easy hassle-free cleanup.

    Your pup can’t always venture into the great outdoors when nature calls, but All Kind Scented Dog Pads bring a little patch of what she’s looking for right into your home. With super-absorbent layers and moisture-locking technology, these potty pads help you train your pup to do her business exactly where you want her to! Plus, they’re designed with an anti-leak liner to protect your floors, and an added fragrance that replaces odors with a sweet, floral scent. When it’s time for a new pad, simply drop it in the trash and replace with a fresh one—it’s that simple!

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