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Potential risks to keep pets at home


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Some people think that pets are safe to stay at home. In fact, pets are also potentially dangerous to stay at home. Therefore, the host must take necessary measures before leaving home. Prevent accidents.

First of all, we should pay attention to the balcony and windows at home, especially in the city, most of the residential buildings are high-rise buildings, windows have a lot of potential dangers to pets, not only windows, but also many gaps on the balcony can make pets fall. So when you go out, you must remember to close the balcony doors and windows.

Next is the home wire, to ensure that there is no exposed wire in the home, and to note: the owner before going out or before going to bed, it is best to disconnect the power supply. Finally, pay attention to the ropes, wires and other things in the home. Pets will be very curious about these things. If they swallow them carelessly, they may block the intestines, and if they swallow them carelessly, they may die of suffocation. So it’s better to clean up the ropes, wires and other things in the home. If they don’t clean up, pets may have potential risks of injury, strangulation, suffocation and so on.

For example: the curtain rope must be knotted or shortened in length, and the sewing needle and thread must be stored in the locker or drawer, so as to avoid the pet pulling or spitting at will.


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