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Pet Cremation and Pet urn


Pet Cremation and Pet urn

As time goes by, we find that time really goes by quickly. Looking back ten years ago, it was like yesterday. Now it’s November 2019. The weather is getting cooler. The global temperature is getting worse year by year. The ecology has been mercilessly damaged. Today we mainly talk about pet cremation. Before pet cremation, our pet Burial is a common way to deal with the remains after the death of objects. With the development of society, land resources are also very scarce, and the way of burial is difficult. If not handled properly, our ecological environment will be damaged. The so-called “protect the ecological environment, everyone is responsible, everyone shares, everyone participates”

Pet Cremation is a way of harmless treatment of pet remains with high-temperature equipment. When the equipment is running, the temperature in the furnace can reach more than 1000 degrees, which is enough to kill the harmful substances in the pet remains. The ashes left after cremation are also of great significance to the pet owners. Then we know what the Pet Cremation is, and there are still many questions about the pet cremation This paper mainly introduces the service process of Pet Cremation.

Many pet owners may have known about pet cremation. The main relevant process is Xiaomeng. When the owner’s pet is about to die or has passed away, the pet owner will learn about the treatment of pet remains from various channels, slowly find out the pet cremation service company for consultation. After confirming the partnership, the pet cremation service will arrange a special car to receive the remains, The owner only needs to wait patiently. When the master arrives, he / she will go through the Pet Cremation procedure (pet related information). The main purpose of the procedure is to avoid the cremation of the master to other people’s homes. After the procedure is completed, the master will weigh the pet remains and charge the cremation fee according to the weight of the pet.

After determining the cost, the master will take the pet to the Pet Cremation site after the owner pays the cost. After arriving at the Pet Cremation site, the master will hold a pet funeral for the pet, arrange a memorial platform, and start the pet mourning and farewell ceremony, which lasts for about ten minutes (according to the owner’s time or long or short). Then the pet will be placed on the cremation equipment, and the pet cremation equipment will be closed until the pet owner The cremation will be started only after the order is given. The time of cremation is relatively long, which is also determined by the weight of the pet’s remains. Generally, it lasts for half an hour. After the pet’s cremation, it is necessary to turn on the pet’s cremation equipment and allow it to stand for a period of time (natural cooling is not allowed to use external cooling) to prevent the ashes from getting damp. According to the owner’s requirements, the pet’s bones shall be treated, or broken into ashes or kept in small bones After the pot is installed, the Pet Cremation master will pray and bless the pet to show respect for the pet.
After the master completes the treatment, he will immediately arrange a special car to send the ashes back to the pet owner, and the whole process of Pet Cremation will be completed. Pet Cremation is a more humanized way of treatment, and it is also very convenient to deal with the remains of pets. A phone call can solve the problems caused by the death of pets, and a funeral will be held like a person’s death.
Of course, each Pet Cremation company also has its own regulations. Simeng nianchong hopes that the pets after death can be treated gently, can send the pets back to heaven in a respectful way, and choose the right pet cremation service. The so-called “well-off is not comprehensive, and ecological quality is the key.” finally, we hope that the world’s pets and pet owners can cherish and enjoy each other’s happiness.

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