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How do pets keep warm? How do dogs and cats spend the winter


How do pets keep warm

Now the weather is really getting colder and colder, and with the gradual cooling across the country, pet owners have also prepared necessary warm keeping measures for their pets. However, it’s only the first step to prepare for warmth preservation measures. Don’t think that you can have a good sleep. Your pet may experience some tests in the coming days. It is a qualified pet owner to do well in every step.

Although it’s very cold now, it’s not really winter at the end of the day. After the winter, the temperature will drop more. That was a test for pets. Although we have done a good job of keeping our pets warm now, it will snow (some areas have already snowed) in addition to the temperature falling more in winter. At this time, the warm keeping measures before may be a little thin. Pet owners need to see if their pets need better warm keeping measures.

If the pet in the house is a dog, the sudden drop of temperature has a great impact on the dog walking. So when you walk your dog, you should do a good job of keeping warm. Don’t make your dog sick (too expensive to see a doctor) because the temperature drops dramatically. If it’s a cat, just keep wrapping up the quilt. After all, other cats don’t have to go out.

However, in the real winter, it also means that the heating will be on soon. Many pet owners will be relieved that the problem of keeping pets warm has finally come to an end. However, when the heating is just turned on, the cold and heat alternate, the temperature changes, and the pets may not be used to it, and the temperature in the home rises suddenly, which will lead to a relatively serious hair loss phenomenon to a large extent. Pet owners don’t need to panic, but they also need to do a good job in logistics. In addition to avoiding the problems caused by hot and cold alternation, pet owners should also pay close attention to grooming or eating hair melting cream.

Another troublesome problem brought about by the cold weather is sanitation. Cats that don’t need a bath are good to say. Dogs that need to take a bath often are a real headache for pet owners. In winter, you can appropriately reduce the number of baths, and try to avoid windy and snowy days when bathing. But we can’t stop eating because of choking. As long as we take necessary measures, we can also take a bath in winter.

In addition to the above, the most important thing in winter is to celebrate the Spring Festival, which is undoubtedly a big event for pets. Is it to be fostered or to return home with the owner? Is foster care really reliable? There are many people in my hometown during the festival. Is it really convenient to take my pet back to my hometown? The previous story about finding five daughters-in-law in the night after cat foster care also made pet owners be more careful about foster care, so these issues need to be considered in advance, otherwise it might be more troublesome. In addition to keeping pets warm in winter, only by doing these things well can pets really rest in winter.

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